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Last night I had my last official hill training run!

For the last seven weeks we’ve been working up from 3 hill to reach the peak of 9. That works out to 10km running up and down, up and down. The run always starts off with a 1.5 km warm up run on a relatively flat surface to get our heart rates up. We then run down the hill, run back up do a little turn around and back down again, repeated 9 times.To finish off there is another 1.5km loop. All in all its a pretty intense run coming in at 13k.

I was feeling crampy right before the run which is probably due to the recent diet change but I changed into my running gear regardless. I decided to go and at least listen to the talk on women and exercise that was planed before the run then see how I felt afterward. The talk was very interesting, they breached subjects such as supplementing, differences in body composition in men and women and how hormones effect exercise/performance. Even a few men showed up to listen. Good job guys!

I had made up my mind to at least try and do the run pretty much as soon as I walked in. I love my run group! Their so good at motivating and encouraging you when you’ve given up. Also everyone was really enthusiastic and it seemed to be contagious. By the time we walked out to start, I was looking forward to starting!

You know what? I actually had so much fun. The run was not nearly as brutal as I made it out to be in my head and I felt so incredible after finishing that I coudn’t keep a smile off my face.