Tomorow is my official birthday but since one of my roommates was leaving for work today she wanted to celebrate a little early. What kind of friend would I be to turn down a two day birthday celebration anyways!? 😛

So after a late wake up I got kicked out of the house not too long after. I had a longer run on my mind but the route I had planned went out the window soon after I got out and I instead decided to run by the lake shore. It was hard in a great way. I felt like I was really working and was able to push past my soar legs and clock in at 1 hour 25 minutes for 15 km.

Best of all I got home and found this.

A delicious breakfast salad.

Made with peaches, apples, pistacios, sunflower seeds, lettuce, tomatoes and a balsamic vinegrete.

Totaly perfect as a post-run meal.

I smeared my toast with sesame paste and brown rice syrup. mm mm

I snacked in the afternoon.

An apple leftover from this day

Banana and almond butter

And a big bowl of miso soup!

I needed to do some major groceries so what else to do than to make a trip to Whole Foods?

I’ll post a picture of my load later, the roomies already think it’s funny that I take pictures of my meals, I don’t know what they’ll think if I start organizing my groceries for a photo shoot!

So me and Kate ventured to whole food at around 6. I had a stop at the salad bar planned for a pre-dinner birthday. Kate had never been and she was so happy to find some things she wanted and loved the salad/hot food bar.

Our plates

Mine is on the right, kate had the soup and orange soda as well.

I went with black cherry

Loved it! This and the root beer are my favorites so far.

More shots of the plate

I ate it all up! That’s vegan chicken on the top, was sooo good.

We stopped for a come of Toffuti after.

Vanilla almond in a waffle cone!

The Toronto International Film Festival is starting tonight so I am heading out on the town to meet the stars and see what’s going on.

Have a great night!


St John’s is beautiful!

I am truly a maritimer at heart, I love the people, the ocean and the scenery; everything just makes me feel like I could call a place like this home.  I guess this makes sense since my family is originally from New Brunswick and though I have never lived there myself, I have visited often loved them both.

This was my first time in Newfoundland and though it’s technicaly not part of the maritimes, it has that same slow, fishing town feeling that I felt in all the other time I spent in Cape Breton, Grand Manan Island and elsewhere in the maritimes. It was like a mini vacation! It’s times like this that make me realise how unique my job is and how lucky I am to be where I am in my life!

So after my last post, I headed out in search of a grocery store to buy me some breakfast! I ended up in downtown St John’s and made a stop at Starbucks for a china green tea. I decided to just get myself a booster juice for breakfast (there was one right next door after all 😛 ) instead of running the town in search of groceries. Bad decision! I ordered and specified that I didn’t want yogurt because, in case I forgot to mention this, I am quite severely lactose intolerant. You can see where this is going!

Anyways, I met a coleague by chance who was having breakfast close by and we chatted while she ate. We got back to the hotel around 12 and she retiered to her room to sleep, she was on day 11 of flying! She deserved some TLC time.

Anyways at this point my stomach is doing somersaults which I dismissed because I had a beautiful walk up to signal hill planed!

A few Iphone pictures I snapped on the way-

Beautiful view of the city. That big boat is a German cruise ship that had docked for the day. There were German tourists everywhere!

I always find walks in nature re charge my batteries in a way nothing else can!

The walk took me about 2 hours and I speed walked most of the way. I had walked by a cafe called The Big Sprout on my way over and was looking forward to checking it out for lunch. I forgot to take pictures but I had a great miso soup and a hummus platter with spelt bread and avocados! Also picked up a dark chocolate frog from the health food store closeby. Unfortunately I didn’t really enjoy any of it since my stomach had gone into full rejection mode and the bad cramping started up.

I met up with my crew at 5:30, and I ended up only feeling better at 10 that night. I grabbed a granola bar at this point and it held me over until I got home at 12:30. Funny enough my fabulous roomy was on my flight and we took the bus home together. I had a big bowl of miso soup and some rice crackers with lots of coconut butter when I got in since I had barely eaten all day. This was perfectly satisfying and I fell asleep full and content.

More on my surprise birthday breakfast by my roomies in the next post as well as my exhilarating 15 km run.

Off to do a major grocery run!



It’s been a busy week since I got back from Winnipeg on Friday. Time just flew by. Even my two days off which I can normally stretch out seemed to  just disappear.

On Saturday, I started off my day with an 11km run. I had been slacking on running for the past few weeks and instead of increasing mileage which is what I should have been doing, I was decreasing it and had only got in a few 5 km during the week which is not enough to keep my fitness up. So the 11km felt great and snapped my led legs back into action.

After this, a few friends and I decided to go apple picking! It sounded like a great idea until we realised how miserable it was outside. We got to the orchard and instead of doing the hard work ourselves, we picked up a few bags of pre-picked apples and called it a day.

The hard work came in later though!

We had dinner planned at V’s house. With over 30 pounds of apples we knew we had to make some scrumptious desserts. I volunteered to make a classic apple pie since no fall dinner is complete without one and i was up for a challenge, and V made an apple crisp. After a few hours in the kitchen…

The result?

Delicious! Paired with homemade gnocchi, red wine and fresh corn we stuffed ourselves!

I skipped on girls night out after since I knew I would have to have to be well rested for the next morning.

Sunday was my running room meetup. We had an 18 km scheduled. I ran with the 1:50 pace group and boy did we ever run! I had a blast trying to keep a 5min-5:15  pace with my partner for the majority of the run. I even went on and did an extra 3 km after for a total of 20km in around 2 hours. Running with a group can sure make you sweat!

After an afternoon nap, I headed off to the aiport for my 6 pm flight to San Diego.

The next few days were long days, 12 hours each with minimum rest in between (10 hours).

I’m happy to have 18 hours in St John’s, Newfoundland to sleep (done), hike, eat and relax.

Food has been hard on this trip. My rice was not working our for me and I don’t know if this diet is for me. I feel better when I eat raw foods. Veggies, fruits, salads are what fills me up and gives me energy. I need that living energy, enzymes and natural sugars. I need to experiment with it and maybe I will have to re-think the subject of this blog.

I will get better with pictures I promiss! The camera was left at home again.

Off to hike up to signal hill!

Have a fabulous day!


Last night, I ended up spending a great night out celebrating my official 6-months-on-the-job-as-of-start-of-training with a fellow trainee.

We got to the hotel at around 2pm. I had been planning a long run around Winnipeg but living up to its name, Winnipeg was outrageously windy and COLD. I’m talking 12 degrees and rainy. I wanted to make the best of it anyways and went straight to the gym. I did a 3 mile run at a 7mph pace. I was really happy with it and truthfully it tiered me out! I’m thinking I need to start speed training, I’m just getting too comfortable running at a relatively slow pace, it’s nice to have to push myself and feel out of breath for once!

I was feeling tiered from the run and the 6 am wake up, so I took a quick nap in the super cool beds. Have you ever tried the Sleep Number Matresses? So comfortable once you figure out the controls. Boy does 40 minutes sleep make a difference!

Later, around 7, I met up with my colleague and went out to Eat! Bistro. I decided to take a break from the rice and ordered the vegan platter.

It was exactly my kind of meal, a little taste of all different kinds of foods. The home made tortilla chips were especially tasty with the black bean dip. I also picked at pommes frites and garlic mayo my dinner date ordered.

I love finding cute little reastaurants like this in the most unexpected places!

Today, I somehow managed to forget my wallet (of all things) in my hotel room. Luckily, after dinner last night I had met up with a friend on a different crew who was working the flight right after mine today. I called her before leaving and arranged to meet her when she got into Toronto. BUT thanks to thunderstorms, their flight got diverted to London, Ontario which is about 20 minutes away. So I’m waiting at the airport now for their plane to get in.

I have the next few days off and I’m really  looking forward to the 18k run on Sunday morning with my running group! I was hoping to get some hills in today but the weather makes that pretty daunting. If it gets nicer, I’ll go out for a while later on.

I want to start adding more pictures but I left my camera cord in Montreal last time I was there.  My roommate has a canon so I can borrow hers when I get home.


I’ve spent the last few days eating up all the odds and ends in my pantry and fridge that might throw me off the macrobiotic road.

No pictures since the meals have been pretty weeiird even for me (who is known to eat three course dinners anti pasto style). Today is the official day one of my transition to full on macro eating.

Again I am not going crazy with this, my goal is not to do this exclusively but I want to at least have all my meals that I eat at home be made in a macrobiotic way. That is, mostly grain with some steamed vegetables, sea vegetable and very little fat. I also want to learn how to order when I eat out because I don’t want to become the elusive friend who always turns down dinner invitations! I already drive waitresses crazy, replace this with that, can I get this on the side, can you add a little of this?. My friends always laugh, luckily their used to it!

Just to make this absolutely clear, this is NOT to loose weight as I definetly don’t need to loose any and I am very happy with who I am and how I look. If anything I am actually hoping to gain some muscle mass by eating these more calorie dense foods. I am doing this to feel better, have more energy and be able to run farther and faster! I want more mental clarity and I want to be able to do my job without it exhausting me. When I work, I end up craving sugary foods and when I eat them It messed up my concentration and focus, I come home feeling exhausted and sometimes end up in bed at 7 and sleep right through the night. I notice a huge difference when I eat well and I want to make this a habit other than a rare thing.

For the next few day I have decided to do a brown rice cleanse just to get rid of any residual craving I have for (Sugar!!) foods I want to give up. Rice is actually one of my favourite foods and I crave it all the time. Its also much easier just to bring a huge container (or two!) of rice with me while i fly then try and pack meals for three days.

I chose the next few days to do this because I am away on a pairing (3 consecutive days flying) and have layovers in Edmonton and Winnipeg (woohoo :S). I am just cooking a bunch of rice now, about 7 cups, that I hope will last me the next few days. I eat a lot of food though so its unlikely!

So no delicious food pictures and no inspiring recipes from my end for the next while or at least until I get home.

I will give you a daily update on my mood, energy levels, cravings and let you know what I end up doing in those two fascinating cities!! (that’s a whole load of sarcasm btw)


I just spent the day with a wonderful crew and am now sitting in my hotel bed typing this.

I ‘m in Edmonton but I only have 10 precious hours to get the sleep I need before I get rushed off for another days work. Mind you its a really short day that ends in Winnipeg at around 3.  My plan is to get in a nice long run, walk around with the crew them maybe gor for dinner which will be brown rice and veggies if I do go out.

The rice held me over sooo well today, I actually feel so satisfied and grounded though I did eat a huge amount. I ate a few other things but really the bulk of my day was brown rice. A bit of dark chocolate and a fruit bar barely count.

Anyways nothing else on this front.

More tomorow



This isn’t the first time I start a blog. This really isn’t. However, I know that this time I can do this right and not give up after a few weeks!  I’m ready to put some order in my life and I’m soo ready to take on the challenges of macrobiotic eating.

A little about myself to start out.

I’m turning 19 this September but everyone I meet tells me the same thing. I look younger than I am but I act so much older. I try and take that as a compliment and I hope that when I get to 30 I still look like I’m 20!

Health Food

I am a self proclaimed health nut and spend a lot of my time in health food stores looking at the products and reading health magazines and articles online. This all started when this time last year when I got a job in a neighborhood health food store and became obsessed with trying all the food products and learning everything I could about the supplements. This job lasted 6 months and learned so much in that time. I still really love giving advice to people who ask for it. Ask away!

Fate steps in

I probably would have worked there much longer but f after a spur of the moment decision to go to an open audition for Air Canada, I was soon swept into training to be a flight attendant. So here I am now, four months later, living on my own for the first time in an unknown city and loving every minute of it. I live with two amazing girls from training in a beautiful neighborhood.

What to do with myself

With this job, I have so much time off. I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself. I spend days walking around the city soaking it all in. Spent afternoons in coffee shops or lounging in parks. But making friends in a strange city isn’t easy and my work buddies all had conflicting schedule so the days alone started to feel long.


This is where running came in. I had been running on and off for about a 6 months and before that I was an avid yogi, going to classes 3 to 5 times a week. When I moved, I lost my studio, friends and favorite teachers so I stopped going but started running more frequently. Soon I was out almost every day. I joined a running group and met some great people and had something to fill in my evenings alone.

The Marathon

I am training for the Toronto Goodlife half marathon in October and find myself in better shape than I’ve ever been in my life. It feels amazing to be entered in my first ever race and I know that after this comes the full marathon. Exciting!

The Black Cloud

It’s hard for me to write this. I have told only a handful of people about this part of my life but there will never be a better time than now to get it out there and off my back. It’s time to heal.

Bulimia was a part of my life for over a year.

It started because of stress, the trigger is sugar and I have been okay for about 4 months now. I won’t talk much about it in this blog since it is in the past now but I want you to know it’s no joke and if you have been bulimic in the past or are struggling with it now please feel free to send me an email and we’ll talk, i know how hard it is, and I know how much you want to keep it to yourself, but talking about it sets it free and lets you begin to heal.


The only thing that has ever triggered me were sugary, refined foods. That is why I avoid refined sugar like the plague and have become so strict with what I eat, because I’m afraid that if I step out of line, I’ll be back down the same destructive path again. I want to start branching out and develop a more structured eating plan that will heal and help me perform athletically while allowing me to enjoy food and cooking again. Macrobiotics seems to be the answer.

The Kind Diet

I read Alicia Silverstones The Kind Diet and could relate with so much in there that I knew I had to start making an effort to become more like the superheros she describes. I’ve been Vegetarian since I was 13 and a (lenient) vegan for over a year now. I think we should all just listen to our bodies and eat what appeals to us and what will make us feel whole and grounded.

I want to eat a mostly macrobiotic lifestyle but I also want to enjoy all types of food. It’s what you do 90% of the time that counts right? I want to be able to enjoy the occasional piece of chocolate cake and eat sweat potato fries and burgers when I’m out with friends.

I want most of all for this to make me feel stronger and help me run farther and faster. What better way than to eat real unrefined grains and food straight from the source.

I hope you’ll join me for my journey and I can’t wait to get started.