HI, I’m Emma

I am a aspiring food blogger with a love for health food and fitness.

I have always loved food and became a vegetarian when I was twelve after realizing i could survive without eating animals. Needless to say, my parents were not surprised, I loved animals and my mom told me she was just waiting for me to make a connection, my dad also went vegetarian at the same time as I did and has stuck with it pretty religiously since. My parents are definitely the the alternative types, my mom having been a vegetarian for years and funny enough only started eating meat when I was born because me and my dad likes it so much. She is now a flexitarian, rarely buying meat but will eat it if served.

I was introduced to raw foods not long after by my dads girlfriend of the time. She was very enthusiastic and bought me several ‘cook’books including Gabriel Cousen’s The Rainbow Diet which I devoured and began experimenting with. Regardless, I was a regular teenager and between my mom’s delicious home cooked dinner’s I would enjoy pizza, chips and lots of sweets with friends. However, I always stood strong with my vegetarianism and have have looked back.

I dabbled with all sorts of eating plans through high school. It was in my last year, when I moved in with my dad that I fully embraced the raw food diet and stuck with it for over 6 months. I felt and looked amazing, almost as if I was glowing from the inside out. It was something I loved and I do miss it sometimes but due to the climate I think that for me it was not sustainably long term.

After graduating high school, I watched all my friends head off to other school while I had no idea what I wanted to do in life, or where I saw myself in 10 years. I eventually found a job in a health food store and in the time I worked there I learned more than I knew existed about food, supplements and health. I had found my niche and I decided to enroll in a Naturopathic course at a local school.  I was dissapointed with the teacher, the material and the school in general and sadly ended up not staying very long.

During my time off, I was experimenting on my own with gluten and sugar free vegan cakes. I had an offer and a local bakery to bake for them and many opportunities were showing themselves to me when…

I saw the add for Air Canada. They were looking for flight attendants. Traveling is and always will be my passion and even though I had never been on a plane, I went for the interview after spending the week getting my long hippie hair cut, buying new, buisiness clothing and updating my resume. They liked me, and withing 2 weeks I had quit my job and was in full blown training.

Here I am, 6 months later living in a new city in my first place, having made great new amazing friends and working a job I could only have dreamed I could do.

I am training for my first race ever, a half-marathon on October 17th.

I love where I am right now and even though I feel lost at some times, I am learning to find balance between work and me time.

I have realised I need to eat differently when I fly, this job is so hard on the body and add training to everything; I was eating like a teenage boy for awhile before realizing I needed nutrient dense clean foods.

I eat more than everyone I know and still find that my energy is very low some days. This is why I am looking into the macrobiotic diet, I want long sustainable energy not constant up and downs.

Sure there will be slip ups, but I am looking at this as something long term and therefore need some leniency to make it possible. I like my (dark 85%) chocolate too! 😉

This is just a little experiment I want to do, can I, an endurance athlete THRIVE on a mostly macrobiotic diet?

Stick around to find out!