I just had the most amazing run today. I headed out knowing I would be in for a long one but I had no idea of exactly how long it would be. Three hours and fifteen minutes and 20 miles later I was back home.

The route I had chosen was a waterfront trail that follows the shore of Lake Ontario. It’s a relatively flat, interesting route that stretches on for miles. I knew that I could run one way and then turn around and do the same route on the way back without it boring me and without getting lost.

It felt incredible to accomplish something so big. My previous longest run had been 28k so this was 5 km longer and the biggest difference between the two runs was my time. Last time I went out on a run like this I took it very slow. I stopped halway for a 10 minute break, walked here and there and was generally running at a slower pace. I felt so goo today that I took no, zero, nada walk breaks and only had to stop once around 18 miles for a bathroom break.

The reason I had the motivation to do this was largely because in the last few days I’ve really made some big decisions and I want more than anything to follow through with them.

  • I will be an athlete
  • Training will come first, now and always
  • I will train while balancing friends and work
  • I can do anything I set my mind to

I have been toying with the idea in my mind for awhile now. The idea that I could be a great athlete if I made it a priority in my day to day life to work toward that goal. Part of me was afraid to step out of my comfort zone which is running. I was scared to do any other kind of activity not knowing if I would be good at it or not. I was scared of failure. I know its ridiculous, how else do you get good at something other than by practicing.

Now that I’ve tried other thing like spinning and gotten back into yoga, it actually feels good really good to switch things up. Strength training seems to make a really big difference in how my legs feel when I run. I’m also hoping to build up core and upper body strength so I can be swim and whatnot.

I’ll be bringing training up more and more and I plan on starting a journal to record all my workouts including how I feel during , before and after. Food will also be recorded I hope so I can learn to eat optimally. I went out to buy a notepad to use yesterday and will start on Monday.

Some yummy eats from the last few day.