Woke up nice and early this morning to try and get my body clock back on track! I used to be such a morning person but these days I can’t seem to get to bed before 11 even midnight and end up sleeping until 8:30-9… Yes I need a alot of sleep but I used to manage when I would get to bed by 10 and be up at 7-7:30. I find the days seem so much longer when you have that extra time in the morning! I really missed it.

It’s raining cats and dogs out today. I find it funny how this weather makes you just want to curl up in sweats and read a book! I comprimised and took an uber long hot shower before starting my morning. It definitely helped…at least a little.

I decided to start off the day by making some energy bars as per The Trive Diet. I had soaked about a cup of almond overnight and wanted to do something ‘special’ with them.

Into the food processor went:

1 cup dates

1/4 cup soaked almonds

1/4 cup ground flax

1/4 cup hemp protein

1/4 cup ground cacao

1-2tbsp whole sesame tahini

1/2 cup blueberries

So it ended up tasting great but the texture was much more spread-like than that of a bar.

Oh well, I figure its probably because I soaked the nuts when the recipe didn’t call for soaked nuts. I try to always soak my nuts though since it removes those enzyme exhibitors and makes them a whole lot easier to digest. Whats so bad about an energy spread anyway? It makes for a change.

I sampled a few spoonfulls of this mix and then went on to whip up my energy pudding which I took a picture of and proceeded to delete because it was so darn ugly.

Make it for yourself and you’ll see what I mean. I promiss it tastes a lot better than it looks. 😉

Mix together:

1 tbsp flax

1 tbsp chia

1 tbsp coconut butter

1/2 tbsp coconut oil

1/2 tbsp Udo oil

1 tbsp cacao poweder

1 square raw chocolate chopped

1 tbsp agave or brown rice syrup

Mix and enjoy!

I spent some time catching up with emails. Soon enough hunger hit and I had a smoothie in mind!

Smoothie of the day was:







a little guar and xanthan gum (it was too runny for my taste)

The result?

Yes, i know it’s a really bad picture, my kitchen lighting is the worst.

It was very satisfying and gave me the energy I needed to get myself out of the warm house into the cold rain so I could make it to my hot yoga class!

Yoga used to be my exercise of choice before running took over. I always had a little ache in my heart that I had given it up since it used to take up a huge place in my life. I loved the way it made me feel and it nurtures your spirit in a way that running unfortunately can’t.

Anyways it felt so great to be back on the mat. The class was relatively easy if I compare it to the classes I used to go to, but boy I’m feeling it now! You think your in good shape until you start mixing up your training!

I now have a one month yoga pass (it was the introductory special) and a 10 class card for gravity/spinning. I also plan on getting a suit and starting to swim at a local pool. I hope this will keep me from getting bored this winter and/or burning out. I also think its important to work different muscle groups and do some lower impact activites to spare my joints. Not to mention it could get me some serious muscles. (hee hee) 😉

I grabbed an apple after class.

By the time I got home I needed something comforting, warm and hearty.

Miso soup it was!

I grated some carrot and threw in some dulse for a satisfying bowl.

I also had a zucchini stuffed with hummus and nooch and a few rice cakes with energy spread.

One pear and a few chocolate squares melted was dessert.

If you haven’t noticed I’m a chocoholic. Yes I am aware it’s a serious problem ;). Taking any steps to fix it? Not anytime soon hunnies.

I just made myself a cup of Detox Tea to warm up a little. I used licorice root, burdock root and astragulus. Herbs are a fantastic tonic and an effective way to get the body in proper balance so it will be able to perform at its peak. Licorice is a great anti-inflammatory and has been shown to increase endurance. It also had many other uses that can benefit athletes as shown here.  Burdock root is one of my favorite herbs, it is extremely nourishing and is effective in detoxing the blood. I add it to all my tea mixtures. Astragulus is a well known immune system strengthener and is also an antioxidant. Since flu season is around the corner I figured I had better start adding it!

I have been making herbal teas since I was very young. My dad introduced me to them and would give me lessons on their uses and would point out the plants on our hiking trips together. He had his dried herbs set up in glass bottles on a shelf in the kitchen and I would choose and herb to add to the pot at a time. We would then drink the tea and read up on their uses.

I started my own extensive herbal collection last year when I worked at the health food store. These days I go through phases where I make myself teas everyday and spend a lot of time reading up on new herbs and checking out tea shops. Other times my teas sit in my cupboard untouched for months.

I really enjoy studying herbal medicine and believe it can heal disease and increase lively hood.

On another note, my run group is meeting tonight. The plan is to do 9 hill but I don’t know if I’ll be motivated to go if its still pouring out! If I don’t I’ll head on down to a spinning class after dropping in for the pre-run talk.

Have a great, wet afternoon,