There’s this spinning studio near my house that offers classes in gravity training. I was always curious as to what exactly gravity was but never actualy stopped in to see. So last night I was looking into different cross training techniques and read something about gravity machines. Turns out its an incredible full body workout that can be adjusted to pretty much any intensity you like. I was intrigued! So this morning I got up bright and early late and headed over to the later of the two classes to try it out.

Let me tell you it was tough but I had so much fun. It was a group of 6 only so we all got individual instruction. I worked some muscles I didn’t even know I had! By the end I was shaky and sweaty but I ended up buying a 10 class card and plan on doing it a few times a week!

I had a smoothie before the class which consisted of

1/2 cup blueberrie

1/2 mango

2 tbsp flax seeds

1 tbsp chia seeds

2 tbsp vega sport protein

7 icecubes


It was very purple and tasty but still no pictures to prove it!

I had many figs when I got home plus an apple.

I got to lunch around 1 and had

Salad with dulse, half a cup sprouts crushed rice cake and Live hummus dressing (added lemon and apple cider vinegar plus a drop stevia)

Also had a couple rice cakes with coconut butter, smushed medjool dates and hazelnut/almond butter.

I had a meeting to attend to in the afternoon.

Around 3 I was hungry (again!)

So I had a Miso bowl with dulse and coconut oil

Went for a walk later and ran into a pear tree that was just loaded with fresh juicy pears.

I filled up my purse and stuffed myself with them. What are the chances! Pears just happen to be one of my all time favorite fruits (beneath figs of course) and I now have two huge bowls filled with cute mini pears! Yum-my!

I ate a medjool date stuffed with coconut oil and a few spoonfulls of Live Hummus before leaving for my 8k run with my run group.

It went soo well (thank god!). I was starting to think I was broken or something. After more than a week of crummy runs I was getting really down on myself and feeling depressed. I actually had a mini breakdown earlier and vented to my roommate who in turn told me it was normal and it always happens like that in movie (lol!). Anyways, a good fast 8k was enough to lift my mood and I feel like I’m back on track!

Dinner was:

More pretty squash dusted with cinnamon and a salad with avocado, tomatoes and live hummus dressing.

Had a few more pears for dessert and a square of dark chocolate.

For a pre -bed snack I ate the rest of my Live hummus

and had some on a rice cake with nutritional yeast.

A good day all in all!

Have a great night,