I had another hard run this morning. I did 5 k and it took me 30 mins! I feel like my body is giving up on me and its scary. I wanted to cry halfway through. This used to be so easy.

I have a few theories as to whats going on, one is I am not eating enough, two is as per Brendan Brazier I have two much stress in my life. As theory number two is unlikely (job, responsibilities are really non- stressful right now), I have started amp ping up the food and I’m (trying to) eat more often instead of sporadically like before.

I have always eaten quite a lot but its been relatively low calorie things and I always had my bigger meal in the evenings (this is another thing i want to change).

I am 100% devoted to focusing on my nutrition and getting back into training full throttle.

I had a few squares of chocolate and an energy mix before heading out which consisted of a tbsp hemp protein, a tbsp of each flax and chia, a tbsp of coconut butter, half tbsp of each brown rice syrup and coconut oil.

I know I said not to eat flax before running yesterday but according to The Thrive Diet its a great fuel! I figure the peanut butter was where i went wrong anyways.

On a positive note I got to wear these!

Spanking new lululemon run gear!

Post run snack

Chia, flax, blueberry and hemp pudding.

Some mango and figs (definitely ate more of those than shown!).

+ A date bar.

I spent a good while cleaning and wasn’t hungry for lunch until mid-afternoon.

I wanted something light yet satisfying SO I turned to an old favourite


A nice big bowl with wikame and coconut oil.

I had this along with these little guys:

one with hummus/nutritional yeast and one with almond/hazelnut butter and cinnamon.

+ an apple.

I cleaned some more in the afternoon.

Then took a break and had fun taking pictures of my new outfits! :0

For a night out on the town:

Lazying around:

Or just for fun:


I soaked some of my Bio Buds I had bought Sunday all day and they were nice an plump by dinner. I threw them in the food processor with some homemade tahini, lemon and cuming to make some live hummus! Honestly it was rly good. I had mixed the adzuki, mung and lentil sprouts so it was a cacophony of flavors. If your too busy (or lazy like me) to make your own sprouts I highly recommend these, their raw and can be either soaked or cooked to rehydrate. They honestly taste like the real, home grown sprouts.

Live hummus with broccoli for green energy and the most beautiful squash i’ve ever seen which I forgot to picture before I butchered it (oops). It was delicious however so I plan on buying it again!

Dessert was a few of these coconut raw balls

I ended up crawling into bed relatively early with The Thrive Diet. I plan on testing out the diet plan in the next while since so much of what he say makes sence. Not to mention Brendan is an amazing athlete and everything he does seems to work for him.

Plan on more Thrived up recipes in the days to come!

Night for now.