I woke up this morning feeling like I could run the 16 miles I had planned. I was full of energy and actually looking forward to it.

I figured I should fuel up before going out so

Mistake #1

I had a big breakfast.

A few squares of this

And an ezikiel english muffin with peanut butter and jam

Mistake #2

Ladies and gentlemen, let me warn you, do not eat flax seeds before running!!

Unless you want to be forces to take several bathroom breaks along the way that is!

I started off feeling fine and energetic.My legs weren’t soar for once which was a nice change.

Then all hell broke loose round mile 2. I started getting some cramping, then the nausea surfaced. I had to make a bathroom break at this point. I honestly felt really off, and I can normally push through discomfort. As if this wasn’t enough my energy crashed around mile 3 and I made the decision to turn back.

Then, while I was on a walk break, I realised it was better to keep going and walk the whole way then to just give up and go home. So i turned myself around and kept going.

I ended up doing about 10 miles but I’m not going to lie, I probably walked half.

You know what though? I’m still really happy with this run!

They say you learn more from your bad runs then the good and this is absolutely true. I know now to take it easy on breakfast and that more is probably not better. I think the jam was a bad idea also as it spiked my blood sugar and left me crashing halfway through. I also know now that I can always slowdown or walk if something goes wrong. Its not all or nothing and mistakes/ mess ups are allowed! And after all there’s always tommorow!

I snacked through lunch since my stomach didn’t feel ready for a big meal.

Along with a big nectarine, a kiwi and a plum

I needed to do some winter clothes shopping so I walked downtown in the afternoon.

I snacked on these along the way

And a cup of LOVE

They honestly sell the best green tea around. Tazo has got it right!

I ended up buying a jacket, two shirts and a few pair of lululemon pants!! I’m so happy to finnaly have some. I’ve been putting off going for many many because of the price but I figure we all need to splurge once in awhile right?

Pictures tomorow, Promise 😉

As for Dinner.

I stopped by Live on the way home.

and OMG so good. I only got a salad and was blown away.

Just look at all the yummyness

And a tropical nut ball

A few friends came over after dinner and now I am planning to dive into my new purchase. The Thrive Diet! I’ve been wanting to read it forever and can’t wait to get the advice of a fellow vegan athlete on training and nutrition.

More later

Have a swell night.