On Thursday night, me and the girls went out and had an amazing time. I had waaay too much to drink but it felt good to let loose and just enjoy myself. We danced the night away and thanks to TIFF the bard were open until 4 am!

Can you guess what we did after that?

What any other torontinians do after a night out. Get street food!

I had a veggie dog with the works and omg it was so good. I don’t regret it a single bit!

After getting in at 5 am I slept in until 11. My plan was to sleep longer to prepare for my all nighter but I coudn’t sleep any longer.

I am so bad when I am hungover, so I ate alot of junk and took it easy all day.

Dinner was:


I did the all nighter that night which was soo brutal after that long night out.

I got home at 9 and slept until 4.

Woke up


The only thing breakfasty about that was the bread with peanut butter and jam!

My other roommate got home later and since she had missed my birthday she wanted to take me out.

We decided on a raw food restaurant nearby called Rawlicious.

We ran into a street fair on the way and took time to look around.

And do some tasting.

We made it to the restaurant eventually.

It is such an adorable place.

There are tables that are set up so you sit on the floor on cushions to eat! They even have a private room in the back with pillows at a large banquet table you can reserve for larger groups. I know what i’ll be doing for the next special occasion that come up!

We split the nachos since we had both eaten earlier. They were really filling and I had leftovers for breakfast today.

S left for a minute to look at desserts. Minutes later they come out with this…

Cheesecake with rasberry coulis!

and a chocolate ball with a coconut icing center.

We split both. They were sooo delicious. A hundred times better than regular birthday cake.

This really sparked my love for raw food again. Expect to see more raw food as of now!

MAYBE even a 30 day raw challenge?

Who knows, stay tunned to find out.



Today was a little random. I woke up and still felt drained so I skipped the 20km run I had planned with my running group.

I am so glad I did, I had a fabulous day anyways and I needed those extra 3 hours of sleep!

I took a long walk to go visit the 26th annual Vegetarian Food Fair.

Pics from the day:

I walked around,  saw a few friends and talked to sales reps. I also joined the Toronto Vegetarian Association. I want to start volunteering for them, its a great way to spread the word and meet new people!

The loot: