Tomorow is my official birthday but since one of my roommates was leaving for work today she wanted to celebrate a little early. What kind of friend would I be to turn down a two day birthday celebration anyways!? 😛

So after a late wake up I got kicked out of the house not too long after. I had a longer run on my mind but the route I had planned went out the window soon after I got out and I instead decided to run by the lake shore. It was hard in a great way. I felt like I was really working and was able to push past my soar legs and clock in at 1 hour 25 minutes for 15 km.

Best of all I got home and found this.

A delicious breakfast salad.

Made with peaches, apples, pistacios, sunflower seeds, lettuce, tomatoes and a balsamic vinegrete.

Totaly perfect as a post-run meal.

I smeared my toast with sesame paste and brown rice syrup. mm mm

I snacked in the afternoon.

An apple leftover from this day

Banana and almond butter

And a big bowl of miso soup!

I needed to do some major groceries so what else to do than to make a trip to Whole Foods?

I’ll post a picture of my load later, the roomies already think it’s funny that I take pictures of my meals, I don’t know what they’ll think if I start organizing my groceries for a photo shoot!

So me and Kate ventured to whole food at around 6. I had a stop at the salad bar planned for a pre-dinner birthday. Kate had never been and she was so happy to find some things she wanted and loved the salad/hot food bar.

Our plates

Mine is on the right, kate had the soup and orange soda as well.

I went with black cherry

Loved it! This and the root beer are my favorites so far.

More shots of the plate

I ate it all up! That’s vegan chicken on the top, was sooo good.

We stopped for a come of Toffuti after.

Vanilla almond in a waffle cone!

The Toronto International Film Festival is starting tonight so I am heading out on the town to meet the stars and see what’s going on.

Have a great night!