St John’s is beautiful!

I am truly a maritimer at heart, I love the people, the ocean and the scenery; everything just makes me feel like I could call a place like this home.  I guess this makes sense since my family is originally from New Brunswick and though I have never lived there myself, I have visited often loved them both.

This was my first time in Newfoundland and though it’s technicaly not part of the maritimes, it has that same slow, fishing town feeling that I felt in all the other time I spent in Cape Breton, Grand Manan Island and elsewhere in the maritimes. It was like a mini vacation! It’s times like this that make me realise how unique my job is and how lucky I am to be where I am in my life!

So after my last post, I headed out in search of a grocery store to buy me some breakfast! I ended up in downtown St John’s and made a stop at Starbucks for a china green tea. I decided to just get myself a booster juice for breakfast (there was one right next door after all 😛 ) instead of running the town in search of groceries. Bad decision! I ordered and specified that I didn’t want yogurt because, in case I forgot to mention this, I am quite severely lactose intolerant. You can see where this is going!

Anyways, I met a coleague by chance who was having breakfast close by and we chatted while she ate. We got back to the hotel around 12 and she retiered to her room to sleep, she was on day 11 of flying! She deserved some TLC time.

Anyways at this point my stomach is doing somersaults which I dismissed because I had a beautiful walk up to signal hill planed!

A few Iphone pictures I snapped on the way-

Beautiful view of the city. That big boat is a German cruise ship that had docked for the day. There were German tourists everywhere!

I always find walks in nature re charge my batteries in a way nothing else can!

The walk took me about 2 hours and I speed walked most of the way. I had walked by a cafe called The Big Sprout on my way over and was looking forward to checking it out for lunch. I forgot to take pictures but I had a great miso soup and a hummus platter with spelt bread and avocados! Also picked up a dark chocolate frog from the health food store closeby. Unfortunately I didn’t really enjoy any of it since my stomach had gone into full rejection mode and the bad cramping started up.

I met up with my crew at 5:30, and I ended up only feeling better at 10 that night. I grabbed a granola bar at this point and it held me over until I got home at 12:30. Funny enough my fabulous roomy was on my flight and we took the bus home together. I had a big bowl of miso soup and some rice crackers with lots of coconut butter when I got in since I had barely eaten all day. This was perfectly satisfying and I fell asleep full and content.

More on my surprise birthday breakfast by my roomies in the next post as well as my exhilarating 15 km run.

Off to do a major grocery run!