It’s been a busy week since I got back from Winnipeg on Friday. Time just flew by. Even my two days off which I can normally stretch out seemed to  just disappear.

On Saturday, I started off my day with an 11km run. I had been slacking on running for the past few weeks and instead of increasing mileage which is what I should have been doing, I was decreasing it and had only got in a few 5 km during the week which is not enough to keep my fitness up. So the 11km felt great and snapped my led legs back into action.

After this, a few friends and I decided to go apple picking! It sounded like a great idea until we realised how miserable it was outside. We got to the orchard and instead of doing the hard work ourselves, we picked up a few bags of pre-picked apples and called it a day.

The hard work came in later though!

We had dinner planned at V’s house. With over 30 pounds of apples we knew we had to make some scrumptious desserts. I volunteered to make a classic apple pie since no fall dinner is complete without one and i was up for a challenge, and V made an apple crisp. After a few hours in the kitchen…

The result?

Delicious! Paired with homemade gnocchi, red wine and fresh corn we stuffed ourselves!

I skipped on girls night out after since I knew I would have to have to be well rested for the next morning.

Sunday was my running room meetup. We had an 18 km scheduled. I ran with the 1:50 pace group and boy did we ever run! I had a blast trying to keep a 5min-5:15  pace with my partner for the majority of the run. I even went on and did an extra 3 km after for a total of 20km in around 2 hours. Running with a group can sure make you sweat!

After an afternoon nap, I headed off to the aiport for my 6 pm flight to San Diego.

The next few days were long days, 12 hours each with minimum rest in between (10 hours).

I’m happy to have 18 hours in St John’s, Newfoundland to sleep (done), hike, eat and relax.

Food has been hard on this trip. My rice was not working our for me and I don’t know if this diet is for me. I feel better when I eat raw foods. Veggies, fruits, salads are what fills me up and gives me energy. I need that living energy, enzymes and natural sugars. I need to experiment with it and maybe I will have to re-think the subject of this blog.

I will get better with pictures I promiss! The camera was left at home again.

Off to hike up to signal hill!

Have a fabulous day!