Last night, I ended up spending a great night out celebrating my official 6-months-on-the-job-as-of-start-of-training with a fellow trainee.

We got to the hotel at around 2pm. I had been planning a long run around Winnipeg but living up to its name, Winnipeg was outrageously windy and COLD. I’m talking 12 degrees and rainy. I wanted to make the best of it anyways and went straight to the gym. I did a 3 mile run at a 7mph pace. I was really happy with it and truthfully it tiered me out! I’m thinking I need to start speed training, I’m just getting too comfortable running at a relatively slow pace, it’s nice to have to push myself and feel out of breath for once!

I was feeling tiered from the run and the 6 am wake up, so I took a quick nap in the super cool beds. Have you ever tried the Sleep Number Matresses? So comfortable once you figure out the controls. Boy does 40 minutes sleep make a difference!

Later, around 7, I met up with my colleague and went out to Eat! Bistro. I decided to take a break from the rice and ordered the vegan platter.

It was exactly my kind of meal, a little taste of all different kinds of foods. The home made tortilla chips were especially tasty with the black bean dip. I also picked at pommes frites and garlic mayo my dinner date ordered.

I love finding cute little reastaurants like this in the most unexpected places!

Today, I somehow managed to forget my wallet (of all things) in my hotel room. Luckily, after dinner last night I had met up with a friend on a different crew who was working the flight right after mine today. I called her before leaving and arranged to meet her when she got into Toronto. BUT thanks to thunderstorms, their flight got diverted to London, Ontario which is about 20 minutes away. So I’m waiting at the airport now for their plane to get in.

I have the next few days off and I’m really  looking forward to the 18k run on Sunday morning with my running group! I was hoping to get some hills in today but the weather makes that pretty daunting. If it gets nicer, I’ll go out for a while later on.

I want to start adding more pictures but I left my camera cord in Montreal last time I was there.  My roommate has a canon so I can borrow hers when I get home.