I’ve spent the last few days eating up all the odds and ends in my pantry and fridge that might throw me off the macrobiotic road.

No pictures since the meals have been pretty weeiird even for me (who is known to eat three course dinners anti pasto style). Today is the official day one of my transition to full on macro eating.

Again I am not going crazy with this, my goal is not to do this exclusively but I want to at least have all my meals that I eat at home be made in a macrobiotic way. That is, mostly grain with some steamed vegetables, sea vegetable and very little fat. I also want to learn how to order when I eat out because I don’t want to become the elusive friend who always turns down dinner invitations! I already drive waitresses crazy, replace this with that, can I get this on the side, can you add a little of this?. My friends always laugh, luckily their used to it!

Just to make this absolutely clear, this is NOT to loose weight as I definetly don’t need to loose any and I am very happy with who I am and how I look. If anything I am actually hoping to gain some muscle mass by eating these more calorie dense foods. I am doing this to feel better, have more energy and be able to run farther and faster! I want more mental clarity and I want to be able to do my job without it exhausting me. When I work, I end up craving sugary foods and when I eat them It messed up my concentration and focus, I come home feeling exhausted and sometimes end up in bed at 7 and sleep right through the night. I notice a huge difference when I eat well and I want to make this a habit other than a rare thing.

For the next few day I have decided to do a brown rice cleanse just to get rid of any residual craving I have for (Sugar!!) foods I want to give up. Rice is actually one of my favourite foods and I crave it all the time. Its also much easier just to bring a huge container (or two!) of rice with me while i fly then try and pack meals for three days.

I chose the next few days to do this because I am away on a pairing (3 consecutive days flying) and have layovers in Edmonton and Winnipeg (woohoo :S). I am just cooking a bunch of rice now, about 7 cups, that I hope will last me the next few days. I eat a lot of food though so its unlikely!

So no delicious food pictures and no inspiring recipes from my end for the next while or at least until I get home.

I will give you a daily update on my mood, energy levels, cravings and let you know what I end up doing in those two fascinating cities!! (that’s a whole load of sarcasm btw)


I just spent the day with a wonderful crew and am now sitting in my hotel bed typing this.

I ‘m in Edmonton but I only have 10 precious hours to get the sleep I need before I get rushed off for another days work. Mind you its a really short day that ends in Winnipeg at around 3.  My plan is to get in a nice long run, walk around with the crew them maybe gor for dinner which will be brown rice and veggies if I do go out.

The rice held me over sooo well today, I actually feel so satisfied and grounded though I did eat a huge amount. I ate a few other things but really the bulk of my day was brown rice. A bit of dark chocolate and a fruit bar barely count.

Anyways nothing else on this front.

More tomorow